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 For over 50 years, the Presencia Hilaturas and Finca brands have been available to Europe, South America and the Yucatan Peninsula. Presencia SA is based in Valencia, Spain and offers a complete line of cotton and rayon threads. All Presencia and Finca cotton threads are 100% Egyptian long staple cotton; all of the Finca Gold Label cotton and Presencia rayon threads are solid dyed making them wash-safe and bleach-safe, and have a particularly high luster. They are substantial in fiber and smooth and inspiring to the touch. Presencia USA was founded in 2002 to bring this superlative European product line to the United States and its territories.

I (Anita M. Smith) am very excited about this product.  It is wonderful and will fit through a size 10 Richard Hemming & Son large eye between needle available through Sunlight Cottage Industries .  I will slowly be introducing more patterns to show how they look with the Perle cotton.  My mother has just started using this product this last year with Jeannie's patterns.  She loves it and how easy it is to use compared to the floss that is available.  Her comments to me have been... "it is so easy to work with and keeps it's twist.  It lays nice and doesn't fray like embroidery floss does.  It is easy to thread and the colors are so bright and vibrant. I don't have to separate the threads and also worry about it bleeding. It is wonderful and I am enjoying working with it."  I have some of her work shown below that she did with this Perle Cotton using one of Jeannie Austin's patterns.


These blocks are available in the Comforters Album

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Colors below are for 10 gram balls in size 16 = 143 meter or 156 yards  

Click on each color group for larger view of Perle cotton and color numbers                                     




Size 16 Perle Cotton Prices

All solid colors -- $2.80

All Variegated colors -- $3.80

Size 16 Perle Cotton -- Postage and Handling charges

1 to 4 - 10gram balls = $2.50

5 to 11 - 10 gram balls = $3.00

12 to 18 - 10 gram balls = $4.75

19 or more 10 gram balls call for rates.  I will send most economical way for you.

New items

5 Gram sampler set in Size 16 ( 5 gram only available in sets)

It is a good way to check out the perle cotton and see if you like it

each 5 gram ball is 71 meters or 78 yards


Click on Perle cotton sampler set to enlarge picture

Solid color sets - $8.90

       Click on Perle cotton sampler set to enlarge picture

Variegated color sets - $15.75

New items    shipping and handling

one -- 5 Gram sampler set = $2.50

2 -- 5 Gram sampler set = $2.80

3 -- 5 Gram sampler set = $3.10

4 -- 5 Gram sampler set = $4.50

5-- 5 Gram sampler set = $4.80

6 -- 5 Gram sampler set = $5.25

7 or more call for rates.  I will send most economical way for you.

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