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Jeannie Austin's Album Quilt Design

03Q Comforters Album Quilt

1998  $45.00 New Price!!

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approximately 90" (230cm) square

This quilt was, for Jeannie Austin, a walk through her Great Aunt Kate's garden. It was designed as the 1998 raffle for her quilting group, Comforters, in Tacoma, Washington. Thirteen large blocks are set on point.  The four corners are cornucopias with many flowers: Roses, buds, Queen Anne's lace, Ivy vine, Forget-me-nots, coral bells, pansies, trumpet flowers, daisy, and currant branch. The center block is also a cornucopia on its side to form a heart with the help of the floral arrangement. Included in this arrangement are roses, bud, pansies, morning glories, topped off by a dragonfly.  The remaining eight blocks in the quilt are baskets stuffed with roses, bleeding hearts, daffodils tulips, and lilies of the valley. There also is a floral heart, a dainty gloved hand offering a bouquet, bluebirds, nesting birds, a peacock perched on a rose bowl. Then finally harebells, snapdragons and laurel.  The border is a strong, simple swag, held in place by roses and foliage. In the corner loops Jeannie added harebells to bring the blue of the birds, along with a few flowers, into the border.  Jeannie researched the Victorian "language of flowers" and a list of meanings to all the flowers, birds, etc. will be included with the patterns.

13 Album Patterns  - $45.00 in the 18 inch block size

It includes the border design -  all in Full Size

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Album includes the Full Size border design and all 13 patterns

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Each additional Album with same order +...USA and Canada  $3.00 International  $5.00

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