Bunny Leighton

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"The Sisterhood"

"This pattern is an extension of the one I designed for The Appliqué Society (TAS) and was published in their July/August 2000 newsletter. ( This example is shown below. This hand appliqué version was done by the founder of TAS, Anita M. Smith.) In that newsletter, only the center ladies design and the heart were shown."

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"The Sisterhood" ©2000 Bunny Leighton for The Appliqué Society

The idea originated when Anita M. Smith, then president of the society, requested a pattern perhaps based on my MAMA series, that would have an all-encompassing feeling of women coming together who had this common passion for appliqué.  I suggested an international theme, which was something I had had in the back of my mind after completing " The Needleworker" patterns." by Bunny Leighton


Anita M. Smith's thoughts:

"Bunny captured my vision and my heart when she designed "The Sisterhood'.  My vision is to see women from around the world, despite the language barrier, come together and 'speak' the language of the love of appliqué in quilting.  My personal wish is to have a sampling of 6 inch blocks from women around the world and place the blocks around the sisterhood design.  See the photo below of some of the 6 inch blocks already sewn onto the center block.  Please consider making an appliqué block for this project. Instructions for this block will be found on this link Block instructions.  Make your block for history.

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"The Sisterhood" by Bunny Leighton and full quilt design of this wonderful pattern.  You will notice that another group also from TAS did the pattern on the right.  TASCO from Ohio, one of the many TAS chapters.

©2000 Bunny Leighton

To Contact Bunny Leighton for information about the pattern for "The Sisterhood" or many of her other patterns, send an e-mail to bunnypublications@adelphia.net   Please do tell her you came across the information from this web site.  She is such a dear person and her patterns are wonderful.

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